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Sat 01 Dec - $10.00

Doors Open: 8.00pm


Travalley, Meraki Minds

Saint Ivory are a four piece Roll band. Rock left Roll behind and Saint Ivory are here to bring it back! Their music is a force and strives to make an audience lose themselves to that energy. Their songwriting stems from a unquenchable thirst for learning more about life. Simultaneously thought-provoking and fun lyrics that ask the listener to adore the human in humanity. This year has already seen Saint Ivory support music heavyweights British India & Australia’s new favourite comedy act Aunty Donna.

‘Nether Forever’ is Saint Ivory’s debut EP release. Over the four songs the EP deals with themes such as beating yourself up, searching for a better way to live & surrendering to vulnerability. The title ‘Nether Forever’ steams from the journey one might take in order to learn & grow. Saint Ivory will bring these songs and many more to Karova Lounge while joining forces with Travalley & Meraki Minds.

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